After 20 amazing years !!!

We are excited to tell you that the witch has found her a new home.


In a place full of windows which open a breathtaking view of the amazing Hatzbani River, you will experience a unique experience, in a magical atmosphere, the only one of its kind in Israel, under the supervision of the hundreds of friendly house witches hovering over and used as a business card. Offering a large selection of special dishes and local wines - lunch and dinner made by the witch, and above all a hospitality experience in a pastoral atmosphere, warm and enchanted, accompanied by professional service and courteous attitude.


The Witch and the Milkman" has an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The witches of the house hanging from above provide a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Events in this atmosphere can be celebrated with different amounts of diners.


Rich Raw materials from the best local produce, varied flavors, cylindrical dishes combined with classical Europe .. ** The dishes may change from time to time *** Menu for pickup and take away !!! For details -0542244266 Also on WhatsApp

Concept Week

The stream, the atmosphere and the magic each week creates a new concept, which changes according to the raw materials available and characterizes the restaurant, by which we create a full and rich concept meal, where each diner feels the secrets, experiences the experience and is enchanted by every element of the meal. Fresh fish, local meat, fine seafood, delicate and magical vegetarian dishes


Birthday Parties



The Witch and the Milkman is not "just" a restaurant, but a place with a magical atmosphere, pleasant music, a place to hang out with a pastoral feeling, the beauty, design, lighting and magic and above all the river flowing through the window is all embossed within.

Contact Us

For reservations - 04-6870049

Open Hours

(7/7) 22.30-12.00

A Place

Gan Hatzafon on the Hatzbani River near Kibbutz HaGoshrim



Gan Hatzafon on the Hatzbani River near Kibbutz HaGoshrim

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