• The Alsace Witch Casserole


    Entrecote Golan's steak

In a wooden cabin filled with windows overlooking the magnificent view of "Hazbani River" awaits for you an experience of special flavours, in a magical atmosphere, none other like it in Israel, under the supervision of the friendly House Witches hovering above and used as calling cards. The restaurant serves a large selection of special and rich dishes - from fine and rich breakfasts from the milkman's hands, enchanted lunch brunch and a witch's dinner, and above all an experience in a pastoral, warm and enchanted atmosphere.

7 days a week from 12:00 pm till the last diner

A restaurant in the settlement of Nimrod has been closed ans will be reopened in the Gan HaTzafon compound near
Kibbutz Hagoshrim in August
For details 
Telephone 04-6870049